Steps to Take Before Hiring a Discrimination Lawyer


Facing discrimination in any form can be a distressing experience, and seeking legal help is often necessary to protect your rights and seek justice. However, finding the right discrimination lawyer who will effectively represent your interests requires careful consideration. This blog post will discuss the essential steps you should take before hiring a discrimination lawyer. Identify the Type of Discrimination Discrimination can take various forms, such as racial, gender, age, or disability discrimination.

16 August 2023

4 Reasons You May Need To Hire An Employment Attorney


It is important to know the signs that indicate the need for an employment lawyer. There are many reasons why someone may need an employment attorney and these include wrongful termination, discrimination, harassment, or just general workplace issues. If any of these apply to you or your situation, then you should consider hiring a lawyer.  Wrongful Termination Wrongful termination is a type of employment dispute that centers around the firing of an employee without good cause.

13 August 2021

Do You Have Rights When A Customer Harasses You?


If you work on the "front lines" of a business, then you may be likely to experience sexual harassment from a customer. While you may know that sexual harassment from a coworker or a boss is illegal, it is also illegal for a customer or third party to harass you. However, dealing with this is a tricky situation. Many businesses rely on their workers being friendly and tolerant of certain behaviors in order to gain more business or tips.

23 March 2020

Fast Settlement Offers Are Not Always The Best Route


Medical bills, lost wages for missed time from work, and other unplanned costs can put many accident victims in a tough financial situation. So, when the insurance company comes back with a settlement offer that they're willing to pay right away, it sounds alluring. However, it's essential that victims take a step back, understand the terms of the settlement, and think about the long term. Unresolved Information If an insurance company wants to offer a quick settlement, it is possible that all the facts have not been uncovered.

22 July 2019

3 Signs That Someone Could Try to Contest Your Loved One's Will


In many cases, when a person passes away, his or her family members and other loved ones never complain or try to contest the will. However, the problem of people contesting their family members' wills is more common than you might think. If you have a loved one who has recently passed away, then you could be concerned about whether or not this might happen. These are a few signs that this might happen.

21 May 2019

Ready To Build A Living Trust? Use These 5 Steps To Prepare


A living trust is a financial vehicle that can help protect the financial stability of your growing family if you are injured or die -- but a lot of people don't know where to start when it comes time to prepare one.  Here are some tips to help you get prepared before you meet with your attorney: 1. Choose a guardian for the children. This is a difficult, but necessary, first step.

11 September 2018

3 Ways To Save Money When Hiring A Business Patent Lawyer


If you have something that you created that you want to patent, you are going to need to hire a patent lawyer to help you with the process. Here are three ways to save money when hiring a business patent lawyer. #1 Research Patent Law The first thing that you need to do is research patent law and the patent process. The U.S. Patent Office provides numerous guides on its website that provide you with detailed information about how to file a patent and how the process works.

29 December 2016

Important Questions About Patents Answered


Patents are an indispensable part of modern intellectual copyright laws. However, individuals that may benefit from this protection may not be informed about patents; below are some FAQs to familiarize yourself with. Why Should You Patent Your Idea Or Invention? One of the main benefits of patenting your idea or invention is it will provide you with the sole rights to profit from the invention. Without the protection of a patent, individuals would be able to copy your idea and sell it without ever providing you with compensation.

15 December 2016

3 Situations When Contesting A Will May Be In The Cards After Your Passing


As a person who tries to make sound financial decisions in life, there is a pretty good chance that you will give the same time and attention to planning your will and estate that will come into play after you pass away. You may think that since you have went through the efforts of drafting a concise and clear will that makes simplified designations of your property then everything will be carried out just how you expect when you are gone.

23 November 2016

3 Things to Consider When Choosing a Child to Succeed You in the Family Business


Making plans to let go of a business you have built from scratch is hard, but if you want it to survive into the future after you are gone, then you must plan for your leaving the business. At first, this might seem easy. Many owners think they'll just leave the business to their kids, but if you have more than one child, you will have to decide which one will take charge and which one will effectively work for the other.

22 November 2016