3 Ways To Save Money When Hiring A Business Patent Lawyer


If you have something that you created that you want to patent, you are going to need to hire a patent lawyer to help you with the process. Here are three ways to save money when hiring a business patent lawyer.

#1 Research Patent Law

The first thing that you need to do is research patent law and the patent process. The U.S. Patent Office provides numerous guides on its website that provide you with detailed information about how to file a patent and how the process works. Understanding the basics of how the patent process works will reduce the amount of explanation that you will require from your patent attorney about the process, which will save you time and money. Saving money is not always about paying a larger fee; sometimes it is about needing less from your lawyer. The more you understand about the basics, the more time your patent lawyer can spend working on the details of your case with you.

#2 Look Outside Of Your Physical Location

The second thing that you need to do is look outside of your physical location. Patent law is not governed on a state by state basis; instead, patent law is federally administrated. That means that you do not have to work with a lawyer who is local. You can work with a lawyer who is based in another state. You can use email and the phone to communicate with your lawyer, and when you need to meet face to face, you can use a video communication system such as Skype or Facetime to communicate with your lawyer.

You may want to look in a smaller city so you can avoid the overhead fees that you often face when dealing with a patent lawyer in the city.

#3 Consider The Firm Size

Third, consider where you want to hire a patent attorney from. If you need help with a variety of different business elements, such as trademarks and licensing agreements in addition to getting a patent, it may be better to hire a large firm to handle your patent case so you can get the additional legal assistance that you need. With a larger firm, you may work with both a senior attorney and with attorneys who have less experience; the advantage here is that a senior partner is always overseeing your case.

If you only need assistance with patent law, it may be better to go with an attorney at a small firm or who works for their own independent practice. This attorney will be able to focus just on your patent case and may have lots of experience with patent law. To find out more, speak with someone like Strauss Troy.


29 December 2016

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